6 Steps To Performance Marketing That Convert Your Audience Into Buyers

Updated: Apr 4

The digital age has brought a drastic change besides revolutions in the marketing world. Technology companies have captured and processed besides analyzed a massive quantity of user information. Of course, marketers in the industry are understanding and affecting behaviors. It is also viable to say that the digital age has opened several opportunities to customize their approaches based on the audience's preferences.

Things to know about performance marketing

Performance marketing is a digital advertising discipline where the advertiser pays only when a client takes a specific action. Performance marketing is different from other advertising methods for advertisers who take a lot of risks. The advertising platform takes on more of the trouble with performance marketing. When a company sets ads on Google or Facebook, they need to specify what actions they look forward to from the target audience and how much they would pay for the completed act. Once the companies decide how much they're willing to shell out, there is an option where different advertisers compete to show their ads to a specific target audience. The auction winner will have the ads displayed to the target audience with the hope of increasing sales and downloads. Hence performance marketing is not restricted to any marketing channel individually. Performance marketing might not work on everything like social media management of search marketing and affiliate marketing at a stretch. However, performance marketing is a significant element of any marketing strategy today, and it has a substantial focus on delivering against marketing KPIs.

Six performance marketing strategies you can use

Dynamic Remarketing

One of the bestselling points of performance marketing is its ability to use the information to customize the customer experience. Through dynamic marketing, companies can use the behavioral data of their clients to customize the ads that the customer sees. You can make the most of active marketing by including some points like why the customer should revisit your website, or you can make use of frequency caps. The conversion rates for remarketing are pretty higher than those for standard acquisition strategies, as a customer has already shown interest in the product even before seeing the ad.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has a mixed bag of reputations as it is a fixture of social media campaigns in a modern way. But the best part about influencer marketing is that it is one of the cost-effective ways to reach the target market on social media through personalities that your clients already know or like. When you do it correctly, the strategy is a more relatable advertising form than any other sales pitch strategy. The pitfall here is that you cannot measure influencer marketing strategy.

Visual Search

It turns a smartphone camera into a visual discovery tool. Hence you don't need to type a query in the search engine as you can simply point the smartphone camera at some object, and the computer vision technology will start searching the phone. The shopping process has been digital, and now we can create the shopping experience online without needing to describe what we are looking for primarily. Several social media networks and search engines have invested majorly in visual search.

YouTube Shopping

While searching for a product, consumers turn to video platforms, including YouTube. Still, it is challenging to purchase a product directly from a video, so consumers exit YouTube and start their purchase journey on search engines on brand websites. Therefore, it is one of the most significant opportunities for brands to introduce the products on YouTube and have a link redirecting the customers to the company's website. It is straightforward as marketeers can align creative strategy with a shopping strategy.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon has now emerged as a real threat to the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook. Companies need to welcome this as they stand to benefit from the increased number of opportunities to align with the needs of potential customers. Amazon offers several ways to improve visibility with your target audience. All retailers need to consider Amazon's improved advertising options as a performance marketing strategy considering its current massive significance as a shopping website.


It all started with Snapchat stories, and then Instagram had built its own stories product where the format took off. Stories allow users to share image-based posts that disappear from their profiles within 24 hours. The driving force behind the massive popularity of stories is their ephemeral nature. Brands always go wherever they find the target audience, but that doesn't mean that an audience wants to hear from the brands all the time on all the platforms. As a result, companies must be strategic about using this strategy.